Individual Therapy–For adults I can provide either brief therapy or long-term, in-depth support, depending on your goals. Sessions are typically once per week. Establishing a good relationship based on mutual respect, trust, and empathy is the first step to a positive and successful experience. We will move forward with thinking about and setting goals, that may change over time, as new feelings, perspectives, or understandings begin to emerge.

Child/Family Therapy–With children, I use a combination of play and talk therapy. Play and art can allow the child to express themselves more fully and expand their abilities to communicate their experiences. Also, I recommend parents/caregivers to meet with me consistently, as I work with their child, to discuss observations, concerns, and progress. I find working with parents/caregivers to be very helpful while working with children, as parents’ knowledge and insights about their children help me to learn and understand their child better. Furthermore, working collaboratively increases the support your child receives, and improves our ability to help your child.

Parent/Caregiver Consultation–Sessions with parents/caregivers can be in conjunction with a child in therapy, or not. Parents who are struggling to relate to or understand  their child’s behavior or emotions may be interested in parent coaching or consultation. Issues such as helping your child through a difficult transition, entering puberty, attachment disruptions, experiencing a loss or divorce, lack of communication, discipline challenges, and parental stress can be supported and worked through. Unique experiences and challenges are sometimes present in relationships between foster parents, adoptive parents, or other non-biological caregivers, and their children. Transracial adoption, processing the of the loss/absence of biological parents, maintaining a healthy relationship, and working through differences (personality, generation gap, interests, etc.) are some issues I’ve helped parents/caregivers with.

Contract work

I am available to be hired as an independent contractor to provide the following services.

Group therapy:  Psychotherapy groups can be a special and valuable experience for children, adolescents, or adults. The opportunity to share space and experiences with others who may have similar backgrounds or stories can enhance safety, decrease isolation, and offers built in relational support. I provide time-limited (4-8 weeks), structured group therapy interventions, that can be tailored to your particular community or demographic.

Consultation: I currently provide consultation on trauma-informed systems in schools, within the school setting and for other local systems and institutions. In addition to consultation on trauma and trauma-informed care/systems, I am able to provide consultation on best practices for working African American youth and families. Consultation can be provided in the form of a workshop, training, professional development seminar, one-on-one meeting, team meeting, or other negotiable ways of communicating with your team.


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