FAQ’s & Forms


  1.  Do you accept insurance? No. I do not currently accept insurance.
  2.  What is the cost per session? For individual therapy my fee is $150 per 50 minute session. For families and parents/caregivers, longer and/or collateral sessions may be helpful and necessary, at a prorated fee. For group therapy, weekly 60-90 minute sessions are $55 per group member. Fees are discussed and determined at the outset of treatment. Please ask if you have questions or concerns.
  3.   Do you accept sliding scale payments? Yes. Based on income and circumstances, sliding scale payments are accepted. Reduced fee slots are typically reserved for low-income families and young adult, QTPOC, as needed.
  4.   How long does therapy take? Well, it depends. The therapeutic process can be short-term and time limited, or long-term and in-depth, depending on your needs and goals. This is something we can discuss at the outset of treatment and continue to evaluate as we move through the process.


If you’re able, please print these two forms, fill them out as best you can, and bring them to your first session.

Client Information Form

Informed Consent


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