About my practice

I am licensed clinical psychologist (PSY27126), with an Oakland based private practice. I’ve spent many years working with children, families, adolescents, and adults in a variety of community settings. My approach centers on resiliency, empowerment, and supporting each individual/family on their unique path towards health and wellness. I offer individual therapy, play therapy, group therapy, family therapy, and consultation/psychoeducation.

An important part of my practice is a commitment to the emotional and psychological healing of marginalized groups and communities. I believe we all deserve safe spaces to reflect, grow, and thrive and I strive to hold space for those who have ever felt that their experiences have been overlooked or misunderstood. I’ve worked with a broad range of clients and clinical concerns, which are listed below (specifiers are listed, but not limited to only those groupings):

  • School-aged children (conflict with peers/family, learning difficulties, family transitions, coping with divorce/separation, grief/loss, behavioral problems, identity concerns, trauma, stress, parenting challenges, development concerns)
  • Pre-teen (peer relationships, self-esteem, identity concerns, behavioral problems, family discord, learning difficulties, self-exploration, parenting challenges)
  • Adolescents (interpersonal relationships,  self-discovery, life transitions, self-exploration, self-esteem, intersections of identity)
  • Women of color (concerns related to race-related stress or trauma, mood, anxiety, personal development, self-esteem, relationships, intersections of identity, self-discovery, safety, parenting children of color)
  • Queer/trans people of color (exploration of sexual identity, safety, gender/sexuality related stress or trauma, intersections of identity, self-acceptance, coming out)
  • Single-parent families & blended families (difficulty connecting, parental stress, problems with discipline, family discord)
  • Adoption issues (trans-racial adoptions, attachment issues, family discord, difficulty connecting, behavioral problems, parental stress, problems with discipline)
  • Young adults (concerns related to anxiety, mood, identity, life transitions, clarifying values and goals, self-discovery, pursuing goals, procrastination, interpersonal relationships, dating)

I graduated from the Wright Institute where I received a Masters and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. My development as a balanced, compassionate, and happy person is an ongoing personal and professional priority. I do yoga, hike, read, play sports, and connect with loved ones and community to stay grounded and keep growing.

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